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This year, the elections will be held online, via an electronic ballot which will be sent out to members. This will ensure that only registered members can vote, and that each member can only vote once.


Your student ID number is required on the electronic ballot in order to authenticate you as a member of the Rocket Society. A separate list of the student numbers of all members has been created, with all other personal information removed. Your student number will be cross referenced to this anonymous list, in order to ensure that only the votes of registered members will count, without compromising voter anonymity. Our Chief Returning Officer (C.R.O.) will have access to the vote responses and will not have access to the full members list. The C.R.O. is an official, appointed to ensure the fairness of the election process. They are not eligible to run for a position and cannot publicly endorse any candidate. Once the votes have been counted, the student numbers will be deleted from the responses to preserve anonymity.

Executive Positions

Read below to find out more about which executive positions are available, and the responsibilities they entail. If you are interested in running for an executive position, send us an email indicating which position you intend to run for. Note that nominees must be registered, active members of the club and students enrolled in an undergraduate, or graduate program at York University.



Andreas Tryphonopoulos

The president serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Rocket Society. They are responsible for managing and overseeing all of our activities, including projects, events, and meetings. The president is also responsible for organizing all records and documentation.

Vice President


Costa Kandias

The vice president assists the president in their duties, and in their absence, will serve as a temporary replacement. The vice president is also responsible for keeping records of membership.




The treasurer manages the finances, keeping records of all assets, liabilities, and receipts. They are responsible for authorizing purchases, and keeping the rest of the executive team and members informed of the financial standing of the club.



Amanda Capacchione

The VP-Systems is responsible for overseeing all the engineering teams. They will act as a liaison between various team leaders, and will lead team meetings. They will finalize the scope and requirements of all projects, and ensure projects are completed on schedule. The VP-Systems will take minutes in the meetings, keeping records of the progress of each team, and the club as a whole.




The VP-Communications is responsible for public image and outreach, including management of social media pages, seeking sponsorships, and all other advertisements of any media.