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Static Propulsion Test Facility

An enormous amount of time and effort goes into developing a working rocket. It requires countless hours of research, design and testing before the finished product is ready to take flight. Our static propulsion facility will allow us to put our prototypes to the test in a safe, controlled environment to evaluate their performance. We will be able to collect crucial data and go through multiple design iterations without the expense of building and launching a fully functional rocket.



Filled with cutting-edge technology, the test facility will be an invaluable tool for use in our future projects. A load cell allows us to measure the thrust output of our motors over time, up to a maximum force of 5000 lb (22.2 kN). We will be able to determine how high our rockets will fly before they leave the ground.  The current model, as shown above, can accommodate solid propellant motors. It was designed to be modular with future expansion in mind, and to accommodate various motor sizes.