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Liquid-Propellant Rocket

Our liquid rocket will have both brains and brawn; an advanced electronics system to record data and control the flight, and a powerful bipropellant rocket engine to provide thrust. Our rocket will be controlled by an on-board suite of state of the art electronics that will track its flight path, control the propulsion system, and record valuable information. This information will be used to analyze the performance of the engine, and monitor the stresses on the body. In real time, the data will be used to keep the rocket vertical, minimizing any unwanted pitch and roll motion, ensuring we maximize the flight altitude. We will need tanks to contain the propellants, which must withstand the loads generated during launch. The body will serve to support all the other components, while providing a protective aerodynamic shell. When the flight comes to an end, the recovery system ensures the vehicle does not incur significant damage upon landing.